Powersville Baptist Church Cemetery, Powersville, KY


Another stop on my epic journey back home on Sunday was the PowersvilleBaptistChurchCemetery.

Powersville Baptist church was established in 1883 as a satellite of the BrooksvilleBaptistChurch, when Powersville was a thriving little metropolis.  There were carpenters, blacksmiths, wagon makers, a general store, a grist mill, a post office and maybe a tobacco warehouse.

Now, there is a store, two churches and the Doghouse…

The passage of time can surely erase the personality of a place.

Now Powersville is a place that you speak of like “Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.”

But at one time it was a destination.

Back to the cemetery…

It’s a lovely cemetery, well kept and looks wonderful in the snow.

It has the most beautiful mausoleum in the entire county.

The Downard mausoleum.  The Downards being some of the most prominent citizens of the town, and area for that matter.

I don’t have many photos to share as my feet were wet and frozen by this point…






Reportedly, in this historic image take in Brooksville, KY, the item that is on the wagon is the roof to the Downard mausoleum.  Pretty cool...

Reportedly, in this historic image take in Brooksville, KY, the item that is on the wagon is the roof to the Downard mausoleum. Pretty cool…

~ by trippybeth on March 19, 2013.

18 Responses to “Powersville Baptist Church Cemetery, Powersville, KY”

  1. I love cemeteries… we could be friends! lol

  2. Love the images! Of course I like cemeteries as you can image. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. awesome post

  4. Hey trippybeth! Very powerful pictures! Grazie for stopping in and reading about the culinary “delicacies.” I think it was the 5 dinner guests who thought they were the “lucky” ones. Can you just imagine? Ewww!

  5. Love the piece — and love that old photo with the roof on the cart – magic!

  6. The Downard mausoleum is AMAZING!

    • Thanks so much Micah! I’m actually thinking of entering that photo in a photo contest back home… maybe, if I make the journey!!

      • Good luck. It’s a keeper for sure.

      • And an accident! Just learning shutter speeds, aperture, fstops and all that good stuff!!

      • I found a Nikon D40 with lenses and two batteries at a pawn shop for $99. So I have been “leaning” the past few weeks.

      • I have a Nikon P510, a point and shoot “bridge” doesn’t take interchangeable lenses. I thought I’d work with a while and see if this photography thing is for me (which I’m pretty sure it is).
        I just discovered a bunch of settings on it yesterday that I didn’t know it had!
        When I’m ready to move on to a more sophisticated camera, I’ll definitely check pawn shops, I never even thought about that!
        But, I do love my Nikon (of course I only have an iPhone to compare, which I love as well).
        I’m loving your work!!!

      • iPhone works well. Just saying 🙂 and yes I went to the pawn shop just on a whim and saw it just sitting on the floor with a hand written note $99 swooped it up quick like and I LOVE IT!!! yes it is older but it is working well. Only thing I cant get over is the sticker shock of new lenses. They still go for $500 to well over $2k….ughhhh

      • I do have some great shots (I think) from the ole iPhone 🙂
        Everything sticker-shocks me!!
        I need a better/taller tripod, mine is too short and cheap (kinda like me haha)… but then I tell myself “this one will do just fine”… soon though, soon a new tripod will be mine!!

      • email me micah.wyatt@outlook.com

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