Augusta Hillside Cemetery, Augusta, KY

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My second stop on Sunday morning was AugustaHillsideCemetery, which was my original destination.

As I pulled up to the gates, I notice that they’re chained, yet the sign says open from 8am to dusk.

I immediately start looking for a way to get in as I walk up to the gates.

It turns out that the chain was just looped around the gates, holding them closed.  So I unlooped them, opened the gates and drove to the summit of the AugustaHillsideCemetery, which in no way is a misnomer.

The cemetery provides a lovely view of Augusta and the river below.

Morgan’s Raiders, led by Colonel Basil Duke, found this vantage point particularly appealing for bombarding Augusta

Duke planned for Augusta to be an easy stop on his way to invade Cincinnati.  However, he underestimated the tenacity of the citizens and the militia of Augusta.

Duke wrote, “The hand-to-hand fighting in the houses . . . was the fiercest and hottest I ever saw. I witnessed in some of them the floors piled with corpses and blood trickling down the stairways.”

The militia of Augusta was over taken by the Raiders after fierce fighting, but the battle left Duke’s troops lacking manpower and supplies to continue north.  So, they retreated south, through Brooksville back to Confederate territory.

AugustaHillsideCemetery is lovely, yet a little difficult to traverse with the snow that was beginning to pile up.  Fortunately, Saturday had been warm and the snow did not stick to the roads.

Many of the most prominent citizens of Augusta rest here.  There is but one mausoleum, which, sadly, has had its door replaced with a piece of corrugated steel.  I was very disappointed; as I’m sure the original door was lovely.

I believe that the cemetery was vandalized some years ago, maybe the door was damaged then, I don’t know.  People that vandalize cemeteries are so vile to me… I better not catch anyone doing it…

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The view.

The view.

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The mausoleum with the unfortunate door replacement.

The mausoleum with the unfortunate door replacement.

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