Flagg Spring Baptist Church, California KY

flagg 1A couple of weeks ago when I was out exploring, I remembered a little church that I could see from the AA highway, back when I was making the brutal hour long commute every day.

So, after I left St. Anne’s I headed up in the direction of the little church.

Flagg Spring Baptist Church.

It’s a quaint little brick church, set in the middle of a small cemetery, shaded by cedars.

There are many broken stones in this cemetery, I’m not sure if it was vandalism or just the handiwork of time.

Flagg Spring Baptist Church was organized in 1833.

During the Civil War, 2 men were subjected to firing squad in the Flagg Spring Baptist Church Cemetery for recruiting Confederate soldiers in Union territory.

One of the men was buried at Flagg Spring. His stone reads:
Shot at Johnson’s Is
May 16, 1863
By Gen Burbridge Order
For Recruiting in KY
Erected by Mrs.Basil Duke
Chap U.D.C.

Mrs. Basil Duke, the former Henrietta Hunt Morgan (sister of John Hunt Morgan), was the wife of Brigadier General Basil Duke, CSA.

A little more Flagg Spring Baptist Church history can be found here:

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