Stumbling Upon St. John’s Cemetery.

After departing Avondale on Sunday, Crawdad and I wandered semi-aimlessly down the streets of Cincinnati, trying to see what we could see.

We arrived at an intersection; I said “Left or right? You call it.”

“Right” called Crawdad, and right we went.

We drove past several places that I had heard of, yet never seen before.

We started up a hill…

And before my wondering eyes did appear a glorious cemetery, beckoning me to enter.

I quickly steered the Silver Armadillo through the gates of St. John’s Cemetery. I could sense myself becoming excited as I saw all of the stones and statues lying before me. I couldn’t wait to strap on the camera and explore.

St. John’s was established during the cholera epidemic in 1849, as Cincinnati’s other cemeteries were reaching capacity with the sheer volume of victims.

The cemetery is filled with Cincinnati’s early German citizens… but we did find several of my Irish brethren resting there as well.

You can find St. John’s Cemetery on Vine Street in the St. Bernard neighborhood of Cincinnati.

You should visit sometime.
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~ by trippybeth on March 5, 2013.

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