Crumbling Phillip Memorial Church, Avondale OH

While I was out tooling around Cincinnati on Saturday, I spied a couple of places that I wanted to photograph.
However, time was not on my side, I had to be at a family dinner at 6p, so I stuck with my original plans. But, put the new ideas in the memory bank for another time.

So, Sunday, Crawdad and I headed out to see what we could see and take some awesome photos.

We spitballed a few ideas, I suggested the places that I had seen on Saturday. Crawdad liked the idea, so we headed out.

As my brakes grinded, we headed over the bridge into the Queen City. My GPS lady Fiona, lead us right to where I had driven past on Saturday.

As my brakes were grinding, we pulled up in front of Phillip Memorial CME Church on Forest Avenue in Cincinnati.

Phillip Memorial is a magnificent stone church that has, sadly, seen it has better days.

As Crawdad examined the edifice of the church remarking at it crumbling, inward-sinking composition, I searched for ways to peek inside.
I was lucky enough to spy a partially opened window that looked into the sanctuary.
The sanctuary was, remarkably, in good shape, although I have no idea how long it’s been since the church was used for worship.
There was a lovely chandelier hanging in the center of the room and the carpets and pews looked to be in the same condition as most other churches I’ve visited in my lifetime.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been successful in finding anything out about the life of the church on the interwebs… if you know anything about it, please let me know!

The beautiful bell tower.

The beautiful bell tower.

phil 1
The area under the roof is sinking inward...

The area under the roof is sinking inward…

phil 3
The chandelier looks lovely...

The chandelier looks lovely…

phil 6phil 4
href=””&gt;phil 14

phil 13phil 10phil 9phil 16phil 15phil 8

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