Winding My Way Through Walnut Hills

nut 31nut 30Saturday, my second cemetery was Walnut Hills Cemetery, located on Victory Parkway in the Walnut Hills neighborhood of Cincinnati.

The cemetery was established in 1843 as The Second German Protestant Cemetery. It’s name was officially changed to Walnut Hills Cemetery in 1941.

I was disappointed that there were no mausoleums in Walnut Hills, however, pleasantly surprised at the number of busts that were on some of the stones. How rich and important did one have to be to have their bust carved in stone, to last for all of posterity??
Very impressive.

I’ve also come to be enamored with the faces of statues. So lovely and delicately carved.

Walnut Hills Cemetery website can be found here:

I would venture to guess that, at this point, I have visited with more of the departed citizens of Cincinnati than the ones that are still breathing…

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~ by trippybeth on March 4, 2013.

4 Responses to “Winding My Way Through Walnut Hills”

  1. Loved the photos!

  2. Nice blog and pics!

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