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wes 6When I finally got out of bed on Saturday, I got myself together, grabbed the camera bag and headed out.

On my agenda was Wesleyan Cemetery and Walnut Hills Cemetery.

First I journeyed to Wesleyan.

Wesleyan is one of the oldest cemeteries in Cincinnati. It opened 2 years before Spring Grove. It was founded by the Methodists in 1843.
It was also the first cemetery in Cincinnati to be racially integrated.

There are veterans from every war residing within the confines of Wesleyan.

Our first Surgeon General, who also served in the Revolutionary War, rests here as well.

Fake funeral were staged here prior to the Civil War as a ruse, part of the Underground Railroad, to aid in the escape of slaves.

Wesleyan had gotten some bad press in the last few years, for poor maintenance, plots possibly being resold, folks not being able to find the graves of their loved ones, etc…

I was afraid that I’d find the cemetery in poor condition, but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t as derelict as I had anticipated.

It was also located next to an SPCA facility, so there were lots of dog walkers being dragged along the roads by rowdy canines.

You can find out more information on Wesleyan at these sites:

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