Midnight in a Garden of Stone.


Friday afternoon, a friend told me about a cemetery in nearby Independence, that is not gated at night.

I decided it could be the perfect opportunity to try my hand at night photography.

i went armed with my charged camera, coat, scarf, hat, gloves and flashlight.

i arrived at the cemetery at almost midnight.

it is intersected by the road, first I explored the right side, where there was one mausoleum.

i snapped photos as the snow was flying and the temperature was dropping. 

Disappointed that the stones on the right weren’t as old as I preferred, I steered the Silver Armadillo across the road to the left side.

I was happy with what I found on the right side!! 




~ by trippybeth on March 3, 2013.

19 Responses to “Midnight in a Garden of Stone.”

  1. Highland cemetery also owns Independence Cemetery as well. I spent many a cold days working there. 😉

    • Hey you!
      I didn’t know they were related!
      It was pretty darn cold there last Friday night!

      • I think its funny you sneaking around at night, id be willing to bet the police wouldn’t have been none to happy. Lol. But courageous you are!

      • Well I wasn’t stealth about it.. Flashlights, camera, flash…
        There were no times posted that I could see.
        I figured I could charm my way out of a situation with the popo… If I had to lol!

  2. I really dig the night pics. Its to bad other cemeteries aren’t so accommodating or perhaps you could charm the sextons to let you have an evening gander maybe.

    • I know, I wish they were.
      I asked Linden Grove, but they are very difficult to get in touch with and they take FOREVER to respond to an email.
      Do you still know anyone from Highland?

      • I know them all but it might be a problem getting in at night, they had legal problems not long ago with a high school kid getting In an accident after hours without permission but maybe its worth a try! By the way, missed you at bockfest this year!

      • I totally would have been there, but the last time I talked to Dan he wanted a full weekend commitment and I couldn’t do that ;-((
        I loved it last year!

      • Maybe they’d consider letting adults with cameras in???

      • If not I know ways of sneaking in! Its actually really easy.Id be down for it.;-) ill try and call Tom and see what’s up!

      • Awesome!!
        Lemme know!

  3. Well,I talked to the secretary and he is gone for the day. no ones in the office on the weekends usually soooo it’s your call effing you want to go ghost hunting undercover or not, either way I’m down for some adventure!

  4. did you decide when your available to do that?

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