St. Anne’s Convent, Melbourne, KY

As I took my aimless drive on Sunday, in pursuit of photographic excellence, I found myself on the driveway to St. Anne’s Convent in Melbourne, KY.

I have been fascinated with this place since I was a little girl, yet never found myself in the position to take a detour up the long tree lined driveway.

But, on Sunday I did.

My journey was more than worthwhile.

I parked my car at the end of the driveway portion that lead directly to the countenance of the Convent herself, place the camera around my neck and ambled up to take it all in.
When I reached the circular drive, I saw a nun briskly walking.

I shouted “Hello” and walked over to her. I asked if taking the photos was okay, she said that it was fine and encouraged me to do so. She introduced herself as Elizabeth.
“Elizabeth and Beth” she said “We should get along just fine.”
She gave me a brief history lesson, telling me that the convent was built in 1919 and pointed out the original building on the property where the Provincial lives and telling me the function of some of the other buildings.

The convent itself was sold to the Diocese at the beginning of the year; I’m not aware what the intention for the property is at this time.

So I took a few photos of the convent, and then drove back to the cemetery, which is absolutely gorgeous!! I’ll include those photos in a separate post.

After I photographed the cemetery I drove back to the farmhouse… what a peaceful place, and it’s for sale!!

When I drove back to the convent, I hopped out of the car for a few more closer shots. I particularly wanted to photograph the doors, I love doors.

When I was taking photos of the door on the far side of the building, camera directly in front of my face, I felt a firm pecking on my shoulder.
My first thought was that it was Sister Elizabeth.

I lowered my camera and turned around.


I shivered a little bit; I was definitely tapped on the shoulder.

Maybe I had worn out my welcome, so I meandered back to the car, thanking St.Anne’s as I drove away.

Now you may recall the convent from the movie Rain Man. In the movie, it was portrayed as a mental institution. There are some lovely scenes with the characters walking down the tree lined drive.
Sadly those big old oak trees had to be removed due to sickness and the cost of maintenance. But new trees were planted, they should be majestic by the time my great grandchildren are elderly.

You can find some Wiki info on the convent here:

And the website for the Congregation of the Divine Providence is here:

Do yourself a favor; take a drive up there sometime.
Don’t be surprised if you receive a peck on the shoulder, if you’ve over stayed your welcome!

This what I was photographing when the "shoulder pecking" took place.

This what I was photographing when the “shoulder pecking” took place.

StA 2StA 4

From the road below.

From the road below.

This is the original building on the property. Some of the nuns currently reside here.

This is the original building on the property. Some of the nuns currently reside here.

StA 6StA 5

~ by trippybeth on February 26, 2013.

6 Responses to “St. Anne’s Convent, Melbourne, KY”

  1. My aunt (Sister Mary Jo, in case you’re ever there again!) has been working (is that the right word?) in this convent for as long as I can remember! I love it. Great pictures 🙂

  2. Yes, good info. I might also add a Montessori
    is run by the nuns at St. Anne’s. My siblings
    attended: )

  3. Hi I am researching the life of Sr. Mary Rosiny Dowdell for the Ireland Reaching Out Project on those who passed through Ellis Island as she did in 1921. Would you contact me at I would love if we could use one of your convent photos in our upcoming online exhibition, Many thanks, Clare Doyle, Heritage Resource Manager, Ireland Reaching Out

    • Clare,
      So happy to hear from you!
      I sent you an email, but thought I’d reply here too…
      I’d be happy to contribute whatever you’d like for your project.
      I live fairly close to St. Anne’s and could even go back for more shots if you were interested in anything more.

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