Roving Route 8

Kentucky Route 8 runs like a ribbon across the northern portion of the state.

A portion of the highway is dubbed the Mary Ingles Highway, in honor of Mary Ingles, a Virginia settler that was abducted by Shawnee Indians and eventually taken to Big Bone Lick (which is now an interestingly named state park) where she was forced to make salt. She escaped at BBL and made her way through the wilderness back to Virginia.
This portion of the highway is supposed to mimic her journey.

It’s a poorly maintained stretch of black top that is as wavy as the ocean. It is not a road that anyone with any sense would choose to race on; just driving on it can be harrowing enough.

But, it is where my travels lead me this weekend.

I was the proverbial Sunday driver, even pulling over from time to time to let other drivers pass me as I gawked.

The bridge in the photos is the Combs-Hehl bridge on I275.

So, here are a few of the scenes that I was able to capture.
#8 3#8 2#8 9#8 8#8 5#8 1

~ by trippybeth on February 26, 2013.

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