Goebel Park, Covington, KY

Today, I introduce to you Goebel Park, located in the Mainstrasse neighborhood of Covington, KY.

I love Mainstrasse, lots of cool little bars, a laid back vibe and there is yummy food to be found!
You can grab a slice at Goodfella’s Pizzeria (http://www.goodfellaspizzeria.com/) or a totally delish burger at Zola (http://www.zolapubandgrill.com/) then, you can grab some luscious bourbon at Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar (www.facebook.com/…/Old-Kentucky-Bourbon-Bar/37183023) or climb the steps over Goodfella’s and get yourself a craft cocktail (made with lots of flourish) at The Wiseguy Lounge.

Here, you can find the history of Goebel Park… the other parcels that were considered is interesting to me. Too bad they didn’t choose the Levassor parcel, then I’d be right next door!

And poor, poor William Goebel, the park’s namesake! He was elected as the governor of Kentucky, and then assassinated on the day of his inauguration (or the day before depending on your source)! Oh, the political intrigue back in the day! He is the only governor assassinated while in office… GO KENTUCKY! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Goebel

And for some historical photos of the park and other Covington parks:
GP 15

Sit and rest a spell...

Sit and rest a spell…

GP 12
The Clocktower

The Clocktower

GP 5GP 4
The Radisson rising like a mountain behind Goebel Park.

The Radisson rising like a mountain behind Goebel Park.

Haven Gillespie

Haven Gillespie

Una Merkel

Una Merkel

The 2 plaques in the park are dedicated to Haven Gillespie and Una Merkel. Neither of which I’d ever heard of before.

Haven wrote “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. It’s no secret that I hate Christmas music, but this is one Christmas song I can tolerate… well the Springsteen version anyway.
And, for the record, I love the name Haven!

Una was a lovely actress who got her start in silent films. She even played in an early adaptation of the Abraham Lincoln story. Una and I seemed to have a lot in common, always the quirky friend, never the heroine!
I wonder, if she’d changed her first name to something that slipped off the tongue a little easier, if she would have been more successful??

~ by trippybeth on January 30, 2013.

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