Prisoner’s Lake

Happy Friday!

Today I give you Prisoner’s Lake at Devou Park, Covington, KY.

I had previously been to Devou, but only at the area that overlooks Cincinnati and Covington, I really had no idea that it was so big!

When I stumbled upon Prisoner’s Lake I was pleasantly surprised!

The lake was created from a quarry that was dug by Covington city prisoners in the 1910s. Those prisoners would think that today’s prisoner “work detail” of picking up garbage is for pansies!! Those guys had to crush the rocks!! That might make you think twice before doing something stupid.

Apparently escaping prisoners was an issue during this work detail, as they only employed one guard.

You can read a little more about the lake here:

It was a lovely day on January 17 when I stopped by, although pretty windy. There were several fisherman and a toddler wandering around in search of the “perfect cattail”. I would like to have taken his photo, but I still feel a little weird about asking and taking photos of actual people.

My favorite thing about the lake has to be it’s name. I’m so happy that Covington didn’t go all wishy-washy and change the name to some former mayor or unknown sports player from the area. Prisoner’s Lake is PERFECT just the way it is!






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